Buy a residence permit or a work permit

Living, staying or working in a foreign country first requires a document  giving you permission. This document, which may be a residence permit or a work permit, defines and certifies the residence time that a foreigner has to spend in a country. For several countries, there is a period beyond which a foreigner needs a residence or work permit to continue to live and work in the country or region. Obtaining it may not be easy, especially because of the constitution of documents to obtain it and also because of the conservative nature of certain countries.

A work or residence permit to work abroad ??

Stay or work anywhere, anytime.

Having noted all the difficulties related to obtaining a residence permit or a work permit (which sometimes amounts to a single document in some countries), we propose here to buy a residence or work permit to stay or work in any country in the world for a definite time, being it in Russia, China, Thailand, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Switzerland or anywhere in Europe. In the EU, for example, you can obtain a permanent residence permit of up to 5 years, which is even easier to obtain when you are an EU citizen.

Buy an original and authentic residence permit

Establish yourself in a country, we make it our business. You just have to tell us where you want to live and where to work. Buy a residence permit from us to stay or work wherever you want in the world. We provide you with genuine residence permits, which are registered with all the databases and all the related institutions. They are carefully designed by our team to be identical in all respects to the originals, whether physically or biometrically and numerically.

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Order your residence permit and get it in a short time

Buying a residence permit or a work permit from us guarantees you to have it as soon as possible. Indeed, a residence permit can be requested following a job offer or a job application. Offer or request that may be limited in time, requiring possession of a residence or work permit if you are a foreigner. This kind of opportunity can slip through your fingers if instead of buying your residence permit here, you follow the long normal procedure of obtaining which will not guarantee you to have it in a short time.

Choose your type of residence or work permit, choose your country

Buying a residence or work permit from us guarantees that you obtain the type of residence permit that corresponds to you. Indeed, there are three types of residence permit, the short-term one, the long-term one, and another which is the permanent residence permit. The last two types are the most difficult to obtain, the last one even more. But this is only if you are looking for your own document in the normal way, while we offer you here a better alternative that could save you a lot of time in the search for your work abroad.

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The purchase of a residence permits or permanent work, a step closer to naturalization

Buying a residence permit from us opens the door to naturalization in your host country, if it is your wish. Indeed, any naturalization of a foreigner in his host country requires a prior permanent residence permit. This permanent residence permit is inserted in the naturalization file which is entrusted to the authority in charge of that; most often the Minister of the Interior. Having a permanent license is not easy at all, especially on the first attempt. With us you get it very easily and quickly.