Driving license in Europe and the road safety police

In Europe, as in many other continents of the world, road safety is a major priority. That is why it is assigned to a whole police department, that of road safety, whose role is to prevent and avoid road accidents, by a permanent control of the road facing the infringements of the highway code. However, it also deals with the various offenses, applying the various sanctions provided for by law, like fines, license suspensions, and even mounting a case against a driver for criminal penalties.

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Thus, the role of the road safety police goes from the simple control of driving license, to all known traffic offenses in Europe. However, each country has its own highway code, and thus a motorist is submitted to the highway code of the country in which he drives. We distinguish two kinds of traffic faults: those that are settled before a judge, and those whose sanctions are directly given by the road safety police.

Offenses regulated by the road safety police

Since they are the least serious of traffic faults, they are directly managed by the road safety police and are not subject to prison sentences. As a result, the sanctions are given by the traffic prevention police themselves, depending on the offense committed. These offenses include: prohibited parking, poor parking and many others. However, this depends on each country, because in France for example a driver driving without a license is no longer brought before the judge; but is subject to the payment of a fine.

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Offenses before the judge

These are the most serious offenses among all traffic offenses. They are certainly treated partly by the police of road prevention but are nevertheless judged, and sanctioned by a judge. They are therefore liable to prison sentences. These offenses include driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. But all this remains relative from one country to another.

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Penalties related to offenses in Europe

In Europe, of course, each country has its own highway code, although each country defines the offenses that are punishable by prison terms or not. However, each of these countries generally have the same types of penalties, depending on the severity of the traffic offense. These various penalties are: imprisonment, immediate payment of a fine, immobilization of the automobile when the fine cannot be paid, obligation of the payment of a deposit, retention or suspension of the license, impoundment of the vehicles …

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