Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the existence of this website?

On this site, we promote the online purchase of several documents that can be passports, visas, driving licenses, national identity cards, residence or work permits, diplomas and certifications. Knowing that this new form of purchase is not yet widespread, and above all requires a lot of confidence, we have transformed our website and all our services into one of the most reliable ways to purchase one of these documents online. We do this by linking site reliability, confidentiality, anonymity, originality of documents, speed and quality of delivery.

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What is really the reliability of our website and our services?

Indeed, understanding the need that you, customer, must feel confident before any purchase, we make our site very explicit and, when that is not enough, the customer can ask us his own questions, to which we respond in a short time. Also, at each step of the document designing process, you are alerted and informed about the progress, knowing that you must approve the document through a scan that will be sent to you before we ship you this one. . The reliability of our site and our services also depends on how we advise you in your situation, especially if it is unique. We can give you important information about whether or not to buy a document, or how to use it.

What are the privacy policies of our company and our website?

Confidentiality is part of the DNA of our document sales site. We know that our customers need strict confidentiality and maximum anonymity in the services we provide them. You may find that to contact us, you only need an e-mail to allow communication and a name that may just be your nickname. Only once you have gained our trust will you be able to send us the information that will be written on the document you buy. You will also notice that everywhere in this site, we insist a lot on the confidentiality of the data that we handle and that of our services because, we know it, it is an essential element in the partnership which we maintain with our customers.

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What about the quality of our services and the originality of the documents that our customers buy?

What did not we say about the authenticity of the documents we sell on this site? Of course they are identical in all respects to the originals. When we produce them, they pass three levels of checks. The first agent verifies whether the information written on the document is consistent with that transmitted by the customer. The second agent looks at whether the physical match is respected, that is, if the document is physically identical to the original. The third agent uses a computer. It intervenes after the document is registered in all the databases in which it must be, be it at the level of embassies, consulates, prefectures, databases of ministries, regulatory institutions, … to check if it has been well estabished. This machine also checks if the biometric information is correctly written on the document and is accurate. And of course, the fourth agent is the client, who must check the scanned copy and the photograph of the document and, as most of the time, will not find anything to complain about. This procedure gives our documents an unquestionable originality.

How and how much do we pay for our services?

The prices of the documents we sell depend greatly on their nature (passport, driver’s license, visa, …) and the countries concerned by the document. Depending on these parameters, the complexity of obtaining the document can vary considerably, and its price with. As for the means of payment, since our customers come from all over the world, they pay by the means that are most affluent to them. It is true that, because of certain constraints and their country, we can offer them specific means of payment. Many of our customer’s demand to pay in crypto currencies (bitcoins, euthereum, dashcoins, …), which we also accept, in addition to traditional means of payment.

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What about deadlines and means of delivery?

The complexity of the process for obtaining the documents we provide does not prevent us from meeting the deadlines we give to our clients, because we know that this is the reason why many people use our services. Of course we can not specify exact time for each document because it depends on the nature, the country and therefore the complexity of obtaining. However, this duration varies between 5 days and 18 days (which is usually our longest delay, mostly for complex visas). As for the means of delivery, we generally use the services of sending agencies that are fairly well known and available in the country and the city of the customer, through which the document is sent discreetly.

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