Available identity documents (vladislavs57@yandex.com)

Acceptable identity documents (vladislavs57@yandex.com)

You must provide identification documents that prove your legal name, date of birth and signature. Depending on which document needed.
The lists below indicate what documents we provide.


All documents are originals, and valid.
1. Passport – Canadian
2. Passport – Foreign
3. Canadian Citizenship Card with photo
4. Canadian Permanent Resident card with signature
5. Record of Landing
6. Confirmation of Permanent Resident  accompanied by a valid passport from country of origin
7. Report Pursuant to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act with photo
8. Student Authorization/Study Permit
9. Employment Authorization /Work Permit
10. Visitor Record
11. Temporary Resident’s Permit
– formerly Minister’s Permit/Extension of Minister’s Permit
12. Secure Certificate of Indian Status Card
13. Driver’s licence or enhanced driver’s licence – issued by Ontario

14. Canadian birth certificate, or a proof of birth document issued by a U.S. jurisdiction footnote 8 [8]

15. Canadian Permanent Resident Card without signature (issued after February 4, 2012)
16. Government-issued proof of marriage document (issued by the jurisdiction that registered the event)
17. Certified copy of statement of live birth (issued by Ontario only)
18. Certificate of Indian Status (laminated card issued by Indian & Northern Affairs Canada)
19. U.S. Passport Card
20. Nexus Card and FAST/EXPRESS Card
21. Driver’s licence or enhanced driver’s licence – issued by another Canadian or U.S. jurisdiction
• Ontario driver’s licence or enhanced driver’s licence is proof of all three data elements, see list 1
22. Identity card – issued by a Canadian or U.S. jurisdiction (enhanced or non-enhanced)
23. Ontario health card
24. Ontario student card with signature footnote 9 [9]

25. Declaration from a guarantor (SR-LD-40) footnote 10 [10]

26. Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) identity card
27. Canadian Department of National Defence Driver’s Licence (DND 404)
28. Government-issued proof of marriage document
• Canadian or foreign
• issued by federal/provincial/territorial/state government
• original or certified copy
Support document for proof of change of surname only. This support document allows applicant to adopt spouse’s surname for use on Ontario Photo Card. Religious institution/church/ceremony-issued proof of marriage documents are not acceptable.
29. Change of name certificate
• Canadian or foreign
• issued by federal/provincial/territorial/state government
Support document for proof of change of name only.
30. Court order, showing legal name, date of birth and court seal
• obtained for purposes of name change, divorce, or adoption
Support document for proof of change of name, change of surname only, for adoption, and for change to date of birth.
31. Sworn affidavit with support documents footnote 11 [11]

Where no date of birth or only partial date of birth (e.g. only the year) is available, a sworn affidavit with support documents is required to confirm the date of birth.


Driving license in Europe, a course of fighters

Buy a driving licence online

Serious obstacles to successful completion of the driving test

Obtaining a driving license is becoming increasingly difficult in Europe today. Also, the difference between those who pass it and those who succeed it grows more and more over the years. This is due to a number of factors, including the expense of a driver’s license and the stress of the various candidates. There is also the fact that the quality of the training for the preparation of this examination is not a guarantee, the fact that a recipe for the success of this examination does not really exist, and that the preparation time is sufficient long for such a short review. Thus, many of the candidates are not up to this exam.

Indeed in Europe the average cost of a preparation for the presentation of a driving license is around 1300 euros which is not about to rejoice the candidate in case of failure; even more so, that some people need it for their daily activity like those wanting to do in the delivery of pizza, flowers for example. All of these expenses and necessities are stressful for many candidates who are under pressure to fail.

A recipe more and more trouble

Having no recipes for success in this exam because the criteria for success are not clearly defined, added to the fact that we can not be sure of the quality of the courses taught to candidates; lessons that are even very much in question in countries like France and Germany. However, the lessons are not always the problem, but also the fact that the learners do not follow the advice given by the instructors, not taking into account certain details and not being sufficiently concentrated.

Moreover, it is also difficult for the learner to be able to cope with certain situations that even for professionals would be complicated situations that cause the latter to stress. Note also that the time for this exam is much too short compared to the duration of its preparation, which leaves the candidate only a period of time to mobilize the plethora of lessons received.

Marc Duval, a 44-year-old Frenchman living in the Alps, tells his story: “Today I am waiting for my third visit to get my license. I missed it twice already, because of the stress because at the time of the exam my hands are sweating and my vision is cloudy. I was forced to undergo therapy after my second failure in order to overcome this stress. I hope that after so much expenditure I will get it finally because it is essential for me to begin my projects in the transport. “

Buy a driver’s license online, what do you need to know before and after?

Buy a driver's license online, what do you need to know before and after?

Buying a driver’s license online is good, but what do you need to know before embarking on such a process? In general, obtaining a legal driving license online is more or less easy but to do so you must first understand that driving is a very complex and very serious subject that deserves attention. Because buying a driver’s license only makes sense in two cases.

First, you only need to buy a driver’s license if you can really drive because driving a car is an event that your life, your health, your family’s and your loved ones’ lives depend on. Thus, it is not enough to buy this piece of cardboard online, although it is legal and registered, but it must be understood that, you must have trained hard and fiercely with the category of vehicle you want to get the license.

Generally, we can have as a guardian a family member, a trusted friend, or a loved one who could allow us to better control the driving through their learning and their knowledge acquired by experience.

So, when you do not have time to go to a driving school, and you want to buy a legal and registered driver’s license, without any prior review, you must understand that it is important to have someone follow you. at home by a loved one and practice driving regularly so you do not risk your life because you bought a driver’s license.

Also, even if you do not know how to drive when you want to buy a driver’s license, as soon as you get it, you must first keep it in a closet so you can master the driving perfectly. For this, you can take private lessons from a driving school instructor or from a close friend who has perfect driving skills and at least three years of experience on all types of roads, the national and the secondary, in town as in the countryside.

So buying an online driver’s license is not difficult, but you have to add to that perfect mastery of driving, before or after the purchase, to better understand the usefulness of the license you bought, and to secure your health, your life and that of your loved ones. This article is here to invite you to be aware of the need for caution, which must go hand in hand with the purchase of a legal and registered driving license online.

Driving license in Europe and the road safety police

In Europe, as in many other continents of the world, road safety is a major priority. That is why it is assigned to a whole police department, that of road safety, whose role is to prevent and avoid road accidents, by a permanent control of the road facing the infringements of the highway code. However, it also deals with the various offenses, applying the various sanctions provided for by law, like fines, license suspensions, and even mounting a case against a driver for criminal penalties.

Buy a driver’s license now

Thus, the role of the road safety police goes from the simple control of driving license, to all known traffic offenses in Europe. However, each country has its own highway code, and thus a motorist is submitted to the highway code of the country in which he drives. We distinguish two kinds of traffic faults: those that are settled before a judge, and those whose sanctions are directly given by the road safety police.

Offenses regulated by the road safety police

Since they are the least serious of traffic faults, they are directly managed by the road safety police and are not subject to prison sentences. As a result, the sanctions are given by the traffic prevention police themselves, depending on the offense committed. These offenses include: prohibited parking, poor parking and many others. However, this depends on each country, because in France for example a driver driving without a license is no longer brought before the judge; but is subject to the payment of a fine.

How to obtain a registered driver’s license

Offenses before the judge

These are the most serious offenses among all traffic offenses. They are certainly treated partly by the police of road prevention but are nevertheless judged, and sanctioned by a judge. They are therefore liable to prison sentences. These offenses include driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. But all this remains relative from one country to another.

How much does a driver’s license cost online?

Penalties related to offenses in Europe

In Europe, of course, each country has its own highway code, although each country defines the offenses that are punishable by prison terms or not. However, each of these countries generally have the same types of penalties, depending on the severity of the traffic offense. These various penalties are: imprisonment, immediate payment of a fine, immobilization of the automobile when the fine cannot be paid, obligation of the payment of a deposit, retention or suspension of the license, impoundment of the vehicles …

Importance of identity documents for immigration

Identity documents  are as useful for a citizen in his country as for a foreigner living in a host country. Indeed, whether he is in his host country legally or illegally, it is necessary and unavoidable for immigrants to have valid IDs. As a result, it could even be emphasized that it is even more useful for an immigrant to own these documents  than for a citizen of the host country. Obtaining  these various documents of identity that can be a passport, a national identity card, a visa, etc.; may be of relatively great importance to any immigrant.

Passport, The Alpha and Omega of an immigrant.

The passport is necessary and unavoidable for an immigrant, because it is the document that the latter is supposed to have presented to the customs when he leaves his country. But also when entering a foreign country. It contains basic information on the identity of the immigrant such as his photo, date of birth, height, …etc which remain the only formation valid and legal when he is out of his country of origin, because these information is credible both when it is in his country, but also internationally. It also sometimes contains passes and visas that the owner had to obtain to cross certain borders or travel to countries requiring a visa.

Buy a passport

It is also mandatory because an immigrant without a passport is necessarily considered a clandestine, which does not mean that the passport automatically confers a regular situation. It is a necessary condition when one is in a foreign territory, whether one is in a regular situation or not. Without a passport in foreign territory, it is true that it is objectively difficult to expel you if you do not want to give your exact nationality, but it is nevertheless possible to put you in custody, or in certain countries like Saudi Arabia, in prison. Without this valuable document, it will be just as difficult to find a serious job because they will demand to know who you really are. However, in some free trade areas such as the Schengen Area in Europe, an identity card may suffice.

The national identity card, a considerable treasure

It is just as essential for an immigrant, because it allows his identification as well as the knowledge of his nationality. This document may, in a free movement area such as the Schengen Area, open doors to him according to his nationality with several privileges. For example, an immigrant whose host country is a member of the European Union and who is himself a citizen of a member country of the European Union, could use his identity card in places where an classic immigrant in to the EU would use his passport.

Change your identity card and choose your nationality

For this purpose, the national identity card could, outside the country of origin of the immigrant, be of importance to him as a passport. However, we must not forget that it is, as its name suggests, a document that is mostly national. Also, when the immigrant’s country of origin does not have a free trade or free-movement agreement with the immigrant’s host country, the national identity card has little value as compared to that of a passport, and sometimes, has no value at all. In these cases, a passport is mandatory, and usually must be coupled with a visa.

The visa, a tiny nothing at all, but that can be vital for an immigrant

It is he who, coupled with a passport, confers on an immigrant the absolute legality and the incontestable right to meet in his host country. It is he who allows his owner to move on both sides in the host country, and especially, when the migrant’s country of origin does not have a special freedom of movement agreement with the country. land of welcome. Depending on the reason for obtaining it, it can be for a short stay or a long stay, which can be attributed to several types of people, from a simple tourist to a student, from a worker to a political or humanitarian refugee. These different statutes require each type of visa with its particularities and duration, like student visas, tourist visas, etc.

Get a visa for a popular destination

Of course it must be mentioned here, the need for a visa for an immigrant to reach a particular destination depends directly on the strength of his passport, that is to say, the number and nature of countries that can rally without a visa. With a German or Singaporean passport, you can reach more than 150 destinations without a visa. Thus, you may only need a visa for a given destination if the country in question is not among those to which you can only go using your passport. In these countries, the lack of a visa immediately puts you in an irregular situation and therefore, you risking a police custody, a stay in prison or repatriation, and in some cases, all three at once.

Whatever document you need, have it

There are also several other types of identity documents that are important for an immigrant, such as a residence permit, a work permit, a diplomatic pass, a refugee card, a driving license, and so on. which can also, like the traditional identity documents above, prove to be indispensable according to the cases. The possession of identity documents contributes not only to the security of the immigrant in the host country, but also to the improvement of his living conditions, whether in terms of employment, health or other. It is therefore imperative that an immigrant has as many documents  as required and as possible depending on his situation, his status and his host country.

A work permit to work abroad ??

Buy a driver’s license and check the registration before delivery